Terry Mason and Liz Gannon-Graydon of The Peace Alliance will facilitate a conversation around the ways that Rotary International’s 7 areas of focus, the Institute for Economics and Peace’s 8 Pillars of Positive Peace and The Peace Alliance’s 5 Cornerstones of Peace all offer a multidisciplinary understanding of the practical ways in which peace is measurable and achievable at the personal, communal, and global levels. We will discuss resources and begin a dialogue around amplifying the best practices for creating a shift toward a culture of peace. 


Terry Mason, Chair, Peace Alliance Educational Institute — Terry actively joined The Peace Alliance in 2005 as District Team Lead, and then Southern California State Coordinator, becoming a member of the Board in 2009. Her passion for peace stems from a desire commonly felt by many — to leave a better world for future generations. Growing up in activism, her parents were focused towards environmental and historical preservation goals, in addition to the arts. Terry views her activism for peace as all-encompassing, honoring those foundational areas and more, finding a place for that fundamental desire that is practical, concrete, and productive. Terry and her husband, Paul Chepikian, live in Encino, CA with their dog, Biscuit.

Liz Gannon-Graydon, Chair, the Peace Alliance – Liz is an educator and storyteller. She serves as Board Chair of The Peace Alliance, a national organization whose mission is to empower civic action toward a culture of peace. Inspired by her years as a middle school teacher, she co-founded What Better Looks Like, a nonprofit organization that taps into the creative potential of individuals and groups to help solve problems in their communities. The mission is to foster the development of The Beloved Community. For ten years, Liz has hosted a weekly tea party in New York’s Bryant Park, where all are welcome to gather and share tea, treats and an experience of Beloved Communi-tea.

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