Mongolia Book Ger Project

Mongolia Book Ger Project for the underserved children of the Khoroo District of Ulaanbaater

The Golden Rotary, in conjunction with a Rotary Club in Mongolia, established and renovated libraries in remote areas. The Book Ger Project addressed the educational, early reader needs of the underserved children of the Khoroo District of Ulaanbaatar.

The Book Ger supports the traditional schools’ mandate to maintain high literacy and teach English as a 2nd language. Traditional schools have books, however students have access to books only while in the classroom and have no books at home.

Those living in Gers (Yurts) have no running water, no sewer, and no electricity. This project will make Books available at the Book Ger, to children before and after school and to take home.

The Book Ger Project serves 3,000 – 5,000 persons within the Khoroo District.

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